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COMMITTEE PEOPLE (written for the newsletter in 2007) {See here for table listing the Clubs Office Bearers} (Additions in italics, Ocotber 2011)

The recent awarding of Life Membership (2007) for amongst other things, my long term role as Secretary, prompted me to look at some statistics concerning the executive positions of the ACCV.

Whilst reading this, keep in mind that the positions of Vice President, Editor and Club Captain have been committee positions for only half of the clubs life whereas President,

Secretary and Treasurer have been recognised since the clubs beginning.

Since its inception in 1952 (as a sub branch of the NSW club) the ACCV has had 49 members hold office.

Of these more than half held office for less than 2 years, some for as little as 3 months.

On at least three occasions members have held two executive positions at once, Basil Bowes; Secretary and Treasurer, JohnTwomey; President and Treasurer

and John Lang; Vice President and Editor.

Sadly, only two women have held executive positions, both as Secretary. The most popular position has been that of President with an average term of 2.5 years.

Once again the shortest term was a few months and the longest single stretch 5 years by John Hetherington {Since the time of first writing Chester McKaige has also held this position for 5 years}.

Bob Graham actually held the post for 6.5 years but this was in three parts (either a brave or foolhardy member depending on your view).

The least popular (or possibly the most enjoyable depending on how you look at it) appears to be that of Treasurer with only 5 people volunteering in 54 years.

Next least popular is Secretary and although 18 have held the position, more than a third have lasted a term or less.

Four members have given more than 15 years of service to the club and two of these have been in a single position, myself (in my 18th year as secretary {20 in 2010}) and Andy Hannam (20.5 as treasurer).

The second longest standing member was John Twomey at 19 years, holding the positions of President; Vice President and Treasurer and third, John Hetherington at 18.5, 12.5 as Editor,

6 as President and currently as Vice President (the intervening year John stood as an ordinary (possibly extraordinary committee person.

{and has continued as a committee person after his stint as VP}

I hope you have enjoyed this small insight into the members who have lead this club for 54 years, and I think it reflects well on the overall membership that volunteers

for the committee are rarely hard to find and are willing to continue to serve.

Dale Parsell
Your very thankful Secretary.
Note, the above information was collated from the clubs minutes, there is a chart listing Officers of the club
available on the web site.