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This new section will hopefully shed some light on cars which have gone missing over the years.

Any information about the cars (hopefully the section will grow) can be forwarded to me at

Added 30/8/2021

Below are some photos of Hutton is his 12/50 at Heidelberg Hillclimb and another taken in 1926

The car is registered 74515 but it doesn't appear in the Victorian registration records.

Photos provided by Rob Sands with assistance from Bob King, Tony Johns and others.


Heidelberg Hillclimb 1925

Heidelberg Hillclimb

Heidelberg Hillclimb

The Australian Motorist, September 1, 1925

Hutton (1926)


Another one we would like to identify. D M Bryce with his dog near Bluebush Creek, Colston Shed in the Winton District (click to see a larger image)


Added 2020

Our first missing car is a 12/70 and the photo was taken at Kalorama around 1975.


It is Chassis 15324, Engine number 15805 and Car Number 19451. First registered in 1938 as

Vic: 76149, then later in 1968 as KAU 898 (as in the photo below).