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Information for this list was obtained from ACCV records, Alvibatics (newsletter of the Alvis Car Club NSW Inc), Our Alvis Club, by Norm Adams (printed by Alvis Car Club NSW).

Thankyou to everyone who have made this possible

The Alvis Car Club formed in NSW in 1950 and the Alvis Car Club (Vic.), initially a part of the NSW club (1953), became a club in its own right in 1955/6.

Details of early Interstate/ National Rally's are sketchy however the first one is recorded as being at Gundagai in 1956.

The events were generally of 2-3 days at first, usually on Queens Birthday weekend in June, and attracted 8-15 cars and their enthusiastic owners.

The attendance grew steadily until 40-50 cars come along. The event also grew to become the week long rally held approximately once every two years that most of us are used to now.

The events currently rotate around the Eastern States of Australia and attract owners from Australia and Internationaly.

Other extended tours have been held from time to time in Tasmania and New Zealand.

A map showing the various locations can be found here

Year Location Year Location Year Location
1956 Gundagai, NSW 1959 Albury, NSW 1960 Wagga Wagga, NSW
1961 Albury, NSW 1964 Mt Gambier, SA  1970  Nerandera, NSW
1970 Sydney- Melbourne 1972  Holbrook, NSW  1972 New Zealand
1974 Adelaide, SA 1975 St, Arnaud, Vic 1976 Goulburn, NSW
1977 Bendigo, Vic 1978 Deniliquin, NSW 1980 New Zealand
1981 Barmera, SA 1982 Tasmania 1983 Grampians, Vic
1985 Lake Boga, Vic 1987 Barossa Valley, SA 1988 Melbourne- Perth
1989 Blue Mountains, NSW 1991 Echuca, Vic 1993 Noosa, QLD
1994 Tasmania 1995 Mudgee, NSW 1997 Warnambool, Vic
1999 Clare Valley, SA 2000 NSW 50th Anniversary, Cheribar 2001 O'Reillys/Byron Bay, Qld
2003 Canberra/ Batemans Bay, NSW 2004 Tasmania 2005 Beechworth, Lakes Entrance, Vic (50th Ann)
2007 Flinders Ranges, SA 2008 JNBC Tour of Victoria 2009 Toowoomba, Qld
2011 Wagga Wagga, Orange, NSW 2012 Tasmania 2013 Traralgon, Vic
2015 Barossa Valley S.A 2015 Tasmania  2015  Great Ocean Road
2017  Rally to Warwick 2017 >Warwick National Rally QLD  2019 Centenary Tour
2019 Albury National Rally    2022  Hamilton Victoria