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Geoff & Helen Hood, Silver Eagle, Alan & Noeline McKinnon, 12/50, Dale & Maritta Parsell, Firefly,

John & Margaret Hetherington Speed 20, Ian & Pat Parkinson TA21 and Bob & Beverley Graham

Speed 20 made the trek from Victoria to the National Rally covering approximately 2500 miles in 5 days of travel.

Other Victorians attending were. Richard Tonkin & Bob Northey who flew up and borrowed Richard's recently

sold TA21 and Steve and Margaret Denner did likewise and borrowed Des Donnan's 12/50.

These 8 cars bought the total number of Alvis attending to 38 with approximately 90 Alvis people.


Some of the Victorian Contingent reach Beaudesert

The Rally started with three nights at OReilly's Guest House in Lamington National Park, just south of Brisbane.

This location gave us the opportunity to garage the cars for a few days and enjoy some leisurely

(or energetic if you were so inclined) bush walking and bird watching and soak up the history of this amazing family,

and be provided with magnificent meals morning noon and night as well as morning and afternoon tea

(and supper if you where still hungry). The Guest house opened in the 1930's as an extension of the family's

farming property and although there were no real roads until the 60's has enjoyed an ever increasing popularity ever since.

(One lady on our bird watching walk made the journey up the mountain on horseback in 1938 and has been

coming back regularly ever since).

O'Reilly's Guest House, Lamington National Park

The Alvii outside O'Reilly's Guest House.

After this introduction to Queensland we then moved 150 miles further south to Byron Bay for the remainder of the event.

A day was spent touring the area and the final day first visiting the Byron Bay Lighthouse

(The most easterly lighthouse on the mainland) and then doing our own thing around Byron Bay itself.

Bruce Jorss and his team did a magnificent job organising this event we can hardly wait for the next one

which will be organised by the NSW Alvis group. 5-6 days was barely enough to catch with old friends,

make new ones and see the sights. The good mix of socialising and magnificent touring roads to exercise

our cars made this a memorable event for all.

The next one will be run by the NSW club and will probably be around Jindabine.

Cars on right, Tony Hannam, Firebird, Dale Parsell Firefly

Ian and Pat Parkinson, TA21

Geoff & Helen Hood Silver Eagle & Alan and Noelene McKinnon 12/50