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Bob Morrow was one of the founding members of the club, and the clubs first President.

The Bob Morrow Trophy was donated to the club by Bob Morrow and was originally awarded for the best performance at "Alvis Day". An impromptu sports day held by the Alvis Car Club in an effort to rekindle the earlier sporting nature of the club. For a variety of reasons this event was only held for 2 years. In the third year the club awarded the trophy to Ron Wilson for his efforts in organising and competing in the clubs events.

As it was becoming increasingly difficult for the club to hold sporting type events the committee decided, in 1996, to use the trophy as the clubs RESTORATION AWARD. (See Guidelines below)


1992 John F Hetherington   1993 Richard Tonkin  
1995 Ron Wilson   1996 George Smith Silver Eagle
1997 Bob Graham Speed 20 1998 John Ball 12/50
1999 Murray Fitch Silver Eagle 2000 David Head Silver Eagle
2001 Tony Hannam Firebird 2002 Eric Nicholl 12/70
2003 Brian Hemmings 12/50 2004 Merv Coombs TA21
2005 Chris Higgins 12/50 2006 No Award  
2007 Alan McKinnon 12/50 2008 No Award  
2009 Richard Wallach TA21 2010 No Award  
2011 No Award   2012 No Award  
 2013 No Award   2014  No Award   
2015  Mark Weller  Speed 20  2016  Peter Mackay   Silver Eagle
 Alan Wettenhall
 Alan McKinnon
  No Award
No Award 
Andrew McDougall 
Speed 25 Saloon 
Heather Goldsmith 










The Bob Morrow Trophy is not a concours award. The award is open to Alvis cars that are either professionally restored and potentially technically excellent, or refurbished by an Alvis enthusiast.

Guidelines: (Approved by committee 19th Feb 2006)

1. The ACCV Committee or a nominated sub-committee will determine which, if any car is to receive the Bob Morrow Trophy for “Best Restoration”.
2. As a basic requirement, candidate cars should be roadworthy and presentable. In addition, credit may be given for:
· The owner’s effort applied to the task.
· The scope of the task
· Unusual facets of the restoration or history
· The excellence of the final result
3. A car can only win it once (per restoration), but a car that is passed over in one year could win it in a future year.
4. The decision on “when it is restored” should be up to the owner. That is, a ‘rolling restoration’ would become a candidate when indicated by the owner as essentially complete.